A tree is a lovely decoration for your home and a fun place to relax under on a hot summer afternoon. However, a tree needs to be healthy and strong to continue thriving.

Tree pruning is one way to boost your tree’s health.

Why Do You Need to Prune Trees?

Many people think that a tree can grow and thrive without any maintenance. However, that is not true. Like any plant, a tree needs love and care to reach its full capacity.

An overgrown, neglected tree may grow, but it will become a nuisance and liability to surrounding trees, plants, and homes. So if you notice your trees need pruning, call Maximum Tree Care LTD.

What Types of Pruning Can You Do?

Pruning is more than lopping off random branches. Pruning is careful, planned branch removal to maximize your tree’s health and growing capability.

Here are a few pruning types that Maximum Tree Care LTD provides:

  • Deadwooding: Due to age, disease, or damage, some branches die off. Dead branches clutter up a tree and become safety hazards. Deadwooding removes these branches to give the tree a cleaner look.
  • Crown thinning: When your tree becomes top-heavy, crown thinning involves careful branch removal throughout your tree’s crown. This helps with airflow and light infiltration, which in turn helps the remaining branches grow stronger.
  • Crown reduction: If a tree has become too tall or wide, crown reduction pruning will cut back a tree to its smaller branches. This can help with utility lines, as well as permeating light to give the remaining branches more photosynthesis power.
  • Crown raising: If your tree is over buildings, highways, or other man-made objects, crown raising removes potentially problematic lower branches. This keeps the tree clear of obstacles and provides beauty and shade underneath.
  • Utility pruning: Is your tree interfering with utility lines or equipment? Utility pruning will help remove branches that could tangle with utility lines. This helps both the utility company and the tree.

These are only a few of the pruning types we offer. If you have specific questions about pruning your tree, please give us a call today.

What Can Maximum Tree Care LTD Provide My Trees?

Maximum Tree Care LTD is ready to give your tree the health boost it needs with:

  • 14+ years of experience
  • Certified workers who value safety and service
  • Affordable prices

When you want a beautiful, healthy tree in Calgary, AB, Maximum Tree Care LTD can help.

How Can I Schedule My Tree Pruning Appointment?

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