Tree Pruning

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Although forest trees grow quite well with only nature’s pruning, landscape trees require a higher level of care to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. Pruning must be done with an understanding of tree biology. Improper pruning can create lasting damage or even shorten the tree’s life.

Tree Removal

Sometimes it is necessary to remove trees.  Damaged, diseased or safety concerns can turn some trees from an asset into a liability.

Tree Surgery

Bolting and cabling are effective methods of preserving and strengthening a potentially weak or hazardous tree. Bolting is a method used to strengthen a weak or splitting crotch or union usually in the trunk of a tree. Cabling is used as a type of insurance for heavy and seemingly unpredictable limbs,  when properly installed this procedure can reduce the risk of failure to your tree.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an efficient method of removing the roots and stump of a tree once the upper portion has been removed. Stump grinding is also a good method to control water sprouts or off shoots from an advantageous root system.

Consultation and Diagnosis

There are many different pests and diseases specific to a certain species of trees. Correct and accurate identification can lead to proper treatment for your trees and prolong their existence and prevent costly removal and replacement.

Tree Fertilization and Conditioning

Fertilizing and soil conditioning can greatly increase the overall performance of your trees. Soils vary with different nutrients necessary for different actions within a tree’s biological function. A trained arborist can examine your soil or observe your trees and recommend certain additives or fertilizers to aid and enhance the performance of your trees.

Firewood and Mulch

Firewood and mulch available for free drop off. Contact for availability.

Keep it GREEN!

We encourage our clients to email photos of their trees in order to reduce the amount of fuel consumed estimating.